What we are enjoying in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

One of the great joys that comes with being based in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is being so close to the heart of the evolution and being part of it. We particularly enjoyed our time cruising the Red Sea and exploring the wide range of rather outstanding local cousin that we fell in love with far more than anticipated.

In particular, we have enjoyed the “Jareesh”, “Mandi”, “Harissah” and “Kabsa” dishes but it does not end there for there is a huge list of local dishes that we would like to try as time passes like the “Markook”, “Mutabbaq”, “Madfoon”, “Saleeg”, “Roz Bukhari”, and “Jalamah”.

The Saudi cuisine is rich in rice, lamb, chicken, dates and seafood. Yummy!

In addition to the local cuisine, we have enjoyed cruising the open sea, snorkelling and diving.

Those were experiences that we will never forget and we are glad that we have had the chance to experience them.

We felt like sharing some of what we are doing with our audience and that you have enjoyed reading this and hope to see you in our next blog.

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